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Hello players! 

Flame and Void takes place 200 years after a world changing event; the calling of a Void God and the explosion of energy that occurs when heroes try to stop the calling. 

While the calling of the Void was stopped, the heroes and the Players souls were ripped from their bodies and sent to the Void, tortured and fed upon for 200 years. The world is a completely different place now, with new races, political lines, magic, monsters, and technology. The players will come to learn about this new world and also the threats facing it.

Elements of psychological and cosmic horror, insanity and madness, political intrigue, and traditional high fantasy are all used in the game. Players should feel the freedom to explore the world and influence the story, as your characters are the protagonists. The world and NPC's will react to you and your methods of solving problems and dealing with issues that arise. These reactions can be dangerous and unexpected. Tread with caution. 


Home Page

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